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Impact Windows Protect Against Hurricane Damage and Add Value to Your Home

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

As we all continue to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Ian, it’s important to consider what can be done to limit the damage of future storms. Perhaps the single biggest investment you can make to protect your property is to install impact windows.

Impact windows, otherwise known as hurricane windows, have a heavy-duty frame and impact-resistant laminated glass designed to withstand high winds and impact from objects. They are far less likely to shatter, even when they take a direct hit.

If you live in an area where tropical storms are a regular threat, impact windows become a critical necessity for protecting your property. But did you know that hurricane windows are a worthwhile investment for more reasons than just storm protection?

Let’s examine some of the ways that impact windows add value to your home.

Protect the Interior of Your House

Severe storms cause severe damage. Anyone living in Florida understands that firsthand. But even if you don’t live in an area where hurricanes are common, severe weather is likely still a reality.

All it takes is one broken window for you to suffer serious property damage on the inside of your home. Once that barrier is breached, water and debris can become a problem very quickly. And if you’re not home when the storm hits, damage can continue to compound until someone is there to address it.

StormBreaker Plus window and doors by Simonton feature impact-resistant KeepSafe MaximumⓇ glass and reinforced profiles for added strength. They are tested and certified to meet impact standards for the Florida Building Commission, and select types and sizes are certified to meet AAMA standards for Miami-Dade and Broward counties’ High-Velocity Hurricane Zone specifications.

Prevent Home Intrusion

Impact windows increase your home’s security, regardless of the weather.

Sadly, among the losses commonly associated with major storms is theft. When homeowners are away and their homes suffer broken windows, criminals are often able to easily enter and take whatever they please. Impact windows eliminate that threat.

And even when the weather is nice, home and business burglaries often come as a result of a thief breaking a window or prying one open. With impact windows, that is an impossibility.

Increase Energy Efficiency

The biggest reason homeowners choose to replace windows is to cut down on their energy bills. Impact windows are far and away the best option for this job.

As impact windows are designed to provide better insulation than traditional windows, they keep the cold weather out during the winter and the hot weather out in the warmer months. Homeowners enjoy significant savings and are likely to recover the investment in their new windows within a few years.

Work With Certified Professionals

The technicians at Baxter Windows and Doors are factory trained by Simonton Windows. In fact, our company carries the rare distinction of “Simonton Windows Master Sales Consultants.” We are fully licensed and insured and are an Accredited Better Business Bureau member.

Consider the benefits of impact windows. Even one severe storm can cause unimaginable damage. Do what you can to protect your home and your family. And beyond that, enjoy the benefits of reduced energy bills and increased home security.

If you’re interested in learning more about how impact windows can improve your home, contact us to schedule a free estimate. We’d love to help you protect your home and increase its

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