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Vinyl Casement Windows:

These windows are hinged on either the left or right side.  There is a handle that is rotated which swings the window outward for ventilation. The new generation of casement windows is engineered much better these days with mostly stainless steel hardware.  Casement windows are an excellent choice where a picture window look is desired.

  • Picture window style while having the ability to also open for ventilation.

  • Able to clean from the inside when opened fully to an outward position.

  • Various configurations available.  Single, double, triple or a center picture window with single openings on the left and right.

  • More costly than a traditional up and down (single hung or double hung) opening window.

  • Vinyl Casement Windows:  Traditional windows. The style is centuries old.  Original Casement windows were made of wood.  Some high end manufacturers such as Pela and Andersen, to name a couple, still offer windows made of wood.  They are extremely expensive.  The downside is the wood.  Constant maintenance and poor warranties.

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