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Vinyl Double Hung Windows:

Traditional windows. The style is centuries old.  Original double hung windows were made of wood.  Some high-end manufacturers, such as Pela and Andersen to name a couple, still offer windows made of wood.  They are extremely expensive.  The downside is the wood.  Constant maintenance and poor warranties.

Double Hung windows are comprised of 2 “sashes” that move up and down independently.  This type of window is the mainstay of the Window Replacement industry.  Modern construction and materials far surpass its predecessor.  Most homeowners have single hung windows.  Only the bottom slides up and down.  They were and still are used by Home Builders.  Most single hung windows are usually offered as a cheap construction grade type of window.

  • Higher hurricane/wind ratings due to the increased structural components of having 2 up and down moving/operating sashes.

  • With two operating sashes, ventilation has different options.  Opening upper only, lower only or both, meeting half way in the middle leaving a smaller opening top and bottom.

  • Upper and lower sashes will both tilt-in for cleaning which is a very convenient feature on multi-floored dwellings.

  • Night time safety locks are usually included, allowing the window to be locked leaving a 3 inch opening.

  • Broken glass repairs are completed by replacing the entire sash in a matter of minutes.

  • Will qualify for almost any Home Owners Association by style for replacement of an existing single hung aluminum window.

  • Will qualify for almost any Historical Association by style for replacement of an existing single or double hung wood window.

  • Designed with sloping sills to divert rain water away from the frame of window and walls.

  • When new, opening can be a little stiff due to the seals that slide against the vinyl to vinyl surfaces.

  • Color options can be somewhat limited and an expensive upgrade, sometimes almost doubling the price.

  • Heavy production causes varied prices from low to very high amongst manufacturers, distributors, vendors and contractors which can create a great deal of confusion about quality with consumers.

  • This one is the biggest con that salesmen will tell you. Vinyl Double Hung Windows are the most popular selling type of Vinyl Replacement Window. This fact causes many companies to false advertise, usually with a very low price.  A normal false or deceptive advertising add would read “$$$, Any Size Installed”.  Prices such as $179 or $189 Any Size Installed, is a complete lie.  Unfortunately, this is a normal type of marketing tactic to get a high pressure salesman in your home.  Normally, a $189 Any Size Installed has a size limitation and does not include energy efficiency upgrades or hidden/undisclosed labor charges.  The average $189 Any Size Installed window could end up being well over $ 350, almost doubled the advertised price.

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