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Bow and Bay Windows

Vinyl Bow and Bay Windows:  These are joined sets in any combination of window types.  The usual Bow or Bay windows will have units that can be opened, of any type, on the left and right of a center fixed or picture type window.  A Bay window actually hangs outside the existing wall.  They are mounted on the sides of the walls interior or exterior. Bay windows will usually have a semi-circular roof attached.  They also have an interior ledge where pets like to rest on.

A Bow window has a wall below for the support of the units to rest on.  This is a common window where interior floor space “Bows Out” and there is additional floor space extending outward.

  • Drama and view.  An architectural statement is usually present.

  • Costly to replace due to their structural nature.

  • Bay windows are sometimes not approved by local building codes in Florida.


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